ATOMEXPO 2012 International Forum  •   4–6 June 2012

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Sergey Kirienko,

Director General
State Nuclear Energy Corporation «Rosatom»

Speech of SC Rosatom’s Director General Sergey Kirienko at ATOMEXPO 2012


Dear participants and guests of the International Forum ATOMEXPO 2012,

May I welcome you at the Forum with all my heart.

Today we can observe that developing of world nuclear energy is going on.

Seven power units have been put into operation during the previous year, three of them based on Russian technologies. Five more power units have been started. That means that Fukushima syndrome didn’t destroy the plans of different countries to create or to broaden nuclear generation.  Read more




Leonid Bolshov,

President of the International Forum ATOMEXPO, Director IBRAE RAN

Welcome speech of Leonid Bolshov, the President of International Forum ATOMEXPO 2012, Director of IBRAE RAN

Dear delegates, guests and organizers of the International Forum ATOMEXPO 2012,

Holding such an ambitious Forum is a great endeavor not only for Russia but also for the countries exploring or intending to explore impressive capability of peaceful atom.

Advanced nuclear technologies have become one of the main trends of scientific progress underlying the innovative economics. Read more